Waterloo Boys Museum

One of the only of it's kind in the United States


Located on the grounds of Rough & Tumble in Kinzers, PA - the Waterloo Boys museum is filled with classic John Deere memorable and information from years past.  Located in the museum is an artifacts room, workshop, and the home of many of the Waterloo Boy's tractor collection. 

Pride of the Fleet


The Waterloo Boy, Model "N" Although several thousand Model N’s were built between 1918 and 1924, only 27 of the specific version “Clearifier” were built. (NOTE) Some people mistakenly think it is a “Clarifier”, but it is a “Clearifier”. All 27 were sent to the area of Northern California, Oregon, and Washington. Most Clearifier model N's were used in apple orchards. Though not much is known about this version, it is presumed to have gotten the name “Clearifier” because a few changes were made from the standard Model N to help it “clear” apple tree branches.  Only 2 of the 27 are known to exist today, and the Waterloo Boys of Southeastern PA just happen to have one. Built in 1920.

History at it's finest


Some of the most interesting and unique John Deere memorabilia you will ever see!  John Deere kids pedal tractors, garden tractors, bicycles, brochures, literature, manuals, signs, and much much more!

New and Fresh


Construction of the Waterloo Boys museum was completed in 2007.  Dates and times for when the museum will be open to the public can be found here on our website, on our Facebook Page, or through Rough & Tumble's website. 

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