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 2022 Waterloo Boys Raffle Tractor
1957 John Deere 520

1957 John Deere 520 Tractor
Please Note: This Tractor is NOT For Sale!

1st Place; John Deere 520: Craig Machamer; Lebanon, PA

2nd Place; $200: Brad Kurtz; Pine Grove, PA

3rd Place; $100: Clayton Griffith

Year: 1957

Make: John Deere

Model: 520

Horsepower: 25.63 (drawbar, claimed), 38.58 (belt, claimed)
Transmission: 6 Forward / 1 Reverse
Steering: Manual (power steering)
Fuel (capacity): Gasoline (18 gal)
Engine: 189.8 ci (3.1L) 2-cylinder, liquid cooled
Electrical: 6V; positive ground
Tires: Front- 5.50-16; Rear- 12.4-36
Wheelbase: 90 in
Dimensions: 132.75 in (L) x 86.63 in (W) x 83.33 in (H)
Weight: 4,960 lbs
Years Produced: 1956 – 1958
Price (New): $2,300
Total Built: 13,000
Factory: Waterloo, IA


In keeping with the Waterloo Boys tradition, this John Deere 1957 Model 520 has been checked over front to back, side to side, by our club to ensure excellent condition. Serviced items include but not limited to: brakes, battery, exhaust, gaskets, and fuel system.


Limited Tickets Available! Tickets may be purchased at any Waterloo Boy event, or by writing to Waterloo Boys C/O Steve Hill 1906 Susquehannock Dr. Drumore, PA 17518

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