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2022 Annual John Deere Show at Rough & Tumble Historical Association Grounds

Join us Friday, July 22nd & Saturday, July 23rd for John Deere Days 2022: Diesel Power! 


In 1949, the desire for something more powerful resulted in the Model R, the first two-cylinder Diesel tractor which bested the Model G, the largest gas-powered John Deere at the time. For John Deere Days 2022, we are saluting the two-cylinder diesel! 


John Deere Days are our opportunity to fulfill our mission of educating the public about the history of John Deere and its place in the advancement of agriculture. This mission allows us to retain our non-profit status! There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer this year! 

If you need more information about the show or volunteer
opportunities, contact Jack at 484-889-7783. We’re looking forward to seeing you.

Show Schedule 

Friday John Deere Days Schedule
Saturday John Deere Days Schedule
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